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Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.


Imagine you have to learn to drive a car, you have 2 ways to do it.

Option 1) Ask a friend who knows how to drive a car; and 

Option2) Register at a motor driving school. A motor driving school will give you a holistic experience including theory, Do’s and Don’ts, on hand learning, feedback and equip you to drive confidently in presence of a trained instructor. Like Driving, Coaching is a skill. A skill is a practical process which applies knowledge. To understand the finer nuances, methodology, gain insights, being involved in guided learning is crucial to be able to confidently coach others.

A coach is able to help an individual transform from a coachee’s current skills and maximise his/her potential. By this definition a life coach can potentially alter an individual’s life. To do justice to the influence that a coach can have on others’ life its crucial to go through a tried and tested methodology which would enable a positive outcome.

Would YOU like to be coached by someone with a formal accreditation or not?

Since Coaching is a Practical skill, we have designed the Workshop to fit in real life scenarios in between the session. This will enable you to have a 1st hand real life experience of how Coaching Conversations go.

No. We are not affiliated to any of the International Coaching Bodies.

Our Core team has had the experience of transforming over 40000+ individuals from various walks of life across levels / industries / geographies. There is a deep and a fundamental understanding of how human beings operate when it comes to various skills sets. Our Core Team understands the practical problems faced by an individual in his own pursuit of Excellence. Using this experience, we have designed a simple yet powerful Coaching Framework which is practical and result oriented. We have applied this model on various individuals over last 2 decades and made it effective and easy to use.

While there may be a lot of Coaching models across the world which are very global in nature, we have designed a Framework which is Glocal (effective in the Indian context).

Post the Life Coach Certification, you will be given certain assignments to be completed in a certain time. Post the assignment completion to a satisfactory level as defined in the program, your details will be added to our Database of the Coaches (subscription based) on our portal. This makes it easier for people to search for a Coach in their vicinity and reach out to you.

Support on creating an Eco system (Profile, Website, etc) to help you maximise your coaching engagement We will provide you ample support in creating an Eco-system to help you at the end of the training.

Still you have


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